Fat burning Omelette Recipe

Do I have a major problem for omelettes? Yes I do! although it is not just due to the taste. Let’s take a deeper look.

Free-range, natural, whole eggs are one of my personal favorite fat loss foods; delicious, filling, dietary powerhouses and promote a fat burning hormonal effect.

Not to mention the fact that they are really versatile, they go well with just about anything (even Tuna, I’m not kidding, simply try it) and quick and easy to get ready.

This recipe is a little distinct from the Fat loss Breakfast Omelette because I’m going all veggie.

It is essential to work with whole eggs, moreover not just the whites. By doing so you will get a well-balanced knock of amino acids, making the protein in the egg simpler to digest and use in the body of yours. This is not the truth if you only go for egg whites.

ingredients & Preparation

In this specific recipe I’ve used tomatoes, white onion and red pepper — all fresh and organic of course! But like I said before, you can basically be as versatile as you like with the ingredients of yours.

I like to get the planning completed first, and meticore pills (Recommended Reading) so chop up the veg and then cook the omelette’ mix’.


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